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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Benefits of Education

Many people believe that education is something that is supposed to improve your lifestyle and increase your employment prospects. This may be true for a bachelors or masters degrees. Unfortunately, a PhD degree tends to damage your life and decrease employment prospects.


  1. Absolutely true. You do invariably get those clueless people who ramble on about how the PhD 'opens doors' and creates opportunities. The truth is that it actually slams doors in your face. The more qualified you become, the more embarrassing it is to apply for entry level jobs. It's a degrading experience, and one that does nothing for one's self-esteem. And it's a likely outcome to the PhD experience, considering the paucity of academic posts out there. This still doesn't put PhD students off, though I'm sure that the depression which accompanies doctoral studies is a manifestation of an unconscious realisation of this fact.

  2. I think that deeply inside most people find it hard to believe that a person with a PhD can have problems with finding decent employment. Yet, this seems to be the case