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Monday, July 6, 2009

Is a College Degree Worthless?

By Jack Hough, SmartMoney

College degrees bring higher income, but at today's cost they can't make up the savings they consume and the debt they add early in the life of a typical student.


  1. Sometimes, we need a basic degree for any employment in the market...master and PhD is optional...

    Thats why we need scholarship or if your parents are rich enough then ok...

    Are you feeling like losing to education?


  2. I feel like the article is right. Education is not completely worthless, yet it doesn't justify time and money needed to get a degree. And, yes, most people just need to learn how to read and write and that's about it.

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  4. i had worked for 4 years after my masters degree. i was so week inront of the bosses who where below academic degree and no criteria for treating the employees, masters or bachelors in the market does not offer us any respect when dealing with owners. BUT when you hold a phd degree, then you are able atleast to teach at universities, research centers, or work as a consultant for big companies , all there you will meet decent persons and academic ones and ther you will find a good pace for respect, self confidence and also you will be the boss of yourself, you can teach here and there for courses....

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