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Monday, March 30, 2009

If you don't speak English....

If you don't speak English, it doesn't mean you cannot be a PhD student or even a well-known prof. Your language skills are especially of no importance if you are in a technical field like Computer Science or even Accounting. I had a friend - a guy from China who was majoring in Accounting. He was a friendly and fun person. But after more than ten years in the United States he could barely put a coherent sentence together. Yet he was teaching 1-2 courses every semester. I once read one of his student evaluations and it went something like this: "Great guy. Knows Accounting. Does NOT speak English!". What the heck, I even met well-known profs who I could barely understand. What counts in academia the most is doing research. Everything else is secondary (of course, I'm talking about research schools here).

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  1. Alexander. You did not have to post the picture of the Asian guy. That is just mean.