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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jobs for English Majors

From what I know, having a PhD degree in English is the worst kind of degree to get in terms of employment. I personally met a PhD in British Literature driving a wrecker in New York City. I also met a couple of people with PhDs in English getting a second, more marketable PhD degree (can you imagine spending 8-10 years in a graduate school????).

So if you were stupid enough to get a degree like that, here's a tip for you. If you are not a pussy and don't have a family, you may be able to get a well-paying job abroad. There are many countries out there who would love to have an native speaker teaching English and would pay quite well for your work. Here were are probably talking about such countries as China, Japan, Russia, United Arab Emirates, etc.

You can probably make quite a bit of extra money if you do some private tutoring on the side. For example, I know some native speakers charge like $40 per hour of one-to-one tutoring. This is probably more than you will make as a tenured faculty member. Plus, you will get to see the world...

So don't be stressed out! You still have a shot at a semi-decent life ;) But watch out for Mormons! Those folks will steal your business a lot since they offer free English lessons as a bait.


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